Scottish Music Sundays: Och the Week

February 21, 2010


Now that Frankie Boyle has left the TV show of the same name, this is the only Mock the Week worth watching reading, except because it’s Scottish it’s Och The Week – what do you mean it’s offensive and reinforces lame stereotypes? In fact I feel it suggests a kind of bittersweet resignation about the fact that the week is over already and.. (Note to Self: please come up with a better name next week Milo).

There is a shitload happening in Scottish music each and every week… can I really hope to cover it all in one day? Or even, one big fat blog post full of juicy, delicious and surprisingly nutritious goodness? Probably not but I’ll try.

Off The Beaten Tracks

I spent yesterday afternoon freezing my baws off at various locations around Edinburgh attending a wonderful session that Meursault performed for the Off The Beaten Tracks website (see pic above) – the results should be up sometime next month so stay tuned.

Free Scottish Music Compilation

An excellent free compilation of very decent Scottish music can be found over at the sickeningly good Have Fun At Dinner blog run by the sickeningly fresh-faced @ohjawbone who is one of the few youngsters to be decent at blogging and therefore makes me feel even more obsolete than normal. It’s a great compilation, especially the Steve Mason version of the Ambulances ‘Cease To Exist’, excellent tunes by the French Quarter, How To Swim and Spaghetti Anywhere and of course the Kays Lavelle’s Hours which got even more plaudits this week than it had last week.

Podcast Fun

The first ever Mogwai Rock Action is up on Radio Magnetic now – and it’s got some very very good tracks including teasers from the new album by the beep-tastic Errors. (thanks to Glasgow Podcart for the tip)

Whilst we’re on the subject of Glasgow Podcart, they celebrated their first year doing their thang this week, and they’re another sickening bunch, being consistently bloody productive and enthusiastic and stuff that I just don’t understand. Mr Peenko interviewed Halina as  part of his Community Service series and it’s well worth a read – as is Sean’s birthday blog post. I can totally relate to his past musical experience and the realisation that maybe he just wasn’t cut out for being a musician as that is something i’ve been through too. Though I am still putting out my third solo EP later this year so the world will just have to suffer (evil laugh)


I’ve nearly given up writing about gigs because I just haven’t been arsed going to any recently, and I don’t really know why. Still maybe it was just Seasonal Affective Disorder or something, and the nights are getting lighter..

Glasgow’s Hinterland festival is back, in case you missed the fuck off big jpeg above this paragraph. I didn’t manage to make it through last year and heard there were a few teething problems, but this year I’m told it’s all going to be fine, and the line-up certainly suggests it could be a good way to spend a day -  as well as having some great Scottish bands, it has Jeffrey Lewis and The Wave Pictures, who I lurve. and there are still early bird tickets available for a frigging tenner, what more do you want?

The Fucking Fall

And finally, honorary Scotsman and king of the mentalists Mark E Smith has done something sensible for once, and signed to the ever-awesome Domino Records for the next Fall record ‘Your Future Our Clutter’ – and they’re playing in Edinburgh on 24th April so probably best to book tickets asap – the new album is meant to be a blinder. details






9 responses to Scottish Music Sundays: Och the Week

  1. You are ace :) x

  2. ‘Sickeningly fresh-faced’- my tombstone! Thanks for the kind words, Milo.

    Think you will go to Hinterland?! Stag and Dagger looks pretty good this year too, but I’m going just to see The Antlers

  3. Just noticed that the Meursault session is filmed at the Henry William Miller mausoleum. That’s fucking genius. I wonder which song they played there. . .

  4. Thanks folks!

    Well spotted! Not sure if I should have let that particular cat out of the bag, am I the only person not to know about that place?

    Aye Hinterland is tempting. It’s been a while since I hit the mean streets of Glasgae.

  5. I’m a history buff, and my dad used to take me to loads of places like that when I was wee. See also; Castlelaw Fort in the Pentlands. That’s how I know about it!

  6. Aha. It’s a pretty fascinating wee story too, I will be writing more about it sometime soon..

  7. cheers fella. Thanks for the kind words in the blog. I look forward to hearing the solo album when it comes out!!

  8. haha no worries, you’re probably the only one Sean!

  9. Och the Week is a laughably bad title, Milo. You’ve got to keep it.